Subtraction for Kids

Get the best app to teach kids how to do basic subtraction like 9 - 5 and for big kids to learn subtraction of 2 to 4 digit numbers with regrouping/borrowing. With two levels, basic and advanced, kids of all ages can use the app to master their subtraction skills. With fun visuals, step by step audio instructions and tests, this app is perfect for learning subtraction.

Basic Level:
This is ideal for kids starting to learn basic subtraction of single digit numbers. There are two sections:
  • Learn: A kid can learn step by step subtraction of two single digit numbers by counting fruits.
  • Test: A kid can test his/her basic single digit subtraction skills with 5 levels and 50 problems to solve.

Advanced Level:
Kids who know basics can learn subtraction of 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers with regrouping/borrowing.There are two parts:
  • Learn: 5 practice levels with step by step audio instructions. Unlimited number of problems to solve and practice. At the end of this, a child will have mastered subtraction by borrowing.
  • Test: Kids can test their subtraction skills with 5 levels and 50 problems to solve. New problems, everytime one plays.

Awesome Features:
  • The app has a fun theme with a Baby Dino and other fun visuals to keep kids hooked.
  • All questions, answers, steps are spoken aloud so that the child can learn better.
  • Unlimited number of problems to solve so the app can be used to practice again and again.
  • Ideal for kids of ages 5-11.
  • Kids can spend time all alone and master subtraction on their own.
  • The app has an easy to use interface which small kids can understand and use.
  • The first level can be played for free. The next four are available via in-app purchase.

See Demo Video :
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